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Swans on Lake Lucern, Switzerland
A lake so clear you can see the bottom...
Where the geese are contentedly afloat
A lake so clear you can see the bottom
Where my mind is floating
An ocean of love and kindness you have given to me

Even when the geese are afloat on the river
Their shadows are on the bottom of the river
Even when you are millions of miles away
Your loving image is in my mind

The geese are called to the water
The consequence of the karma of their past
I met you for the reason that
I am drawing on the karma of an earlier life

Shadows of the geese in the river
Cause fish to tremble
Though an image of your loving shape
Makes me calm and in love

Ter munus gladiatorium dedi meo nomine et quinquiens filiorum meorum aut nepotum nomine, quibus muneribus depugnaverunt hominum circiter decem millia. Bis athletarum undique accitorum spectaculum propulo praebui meo nomine et tertium nepotis mei nomine. Ludos feci meo nomine quater, aliorum autem magistratuum vicem ter et viciens. Pro conlegio XV virorum magister conlegii collega.

Karze Valley, East Tibet
Karze Valley, East Tibet
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