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Two types of benefits that come from the preservation and conservation of the Buddhist teachings: worldly and spiritual.

Shakyamuni Buddha statue
Shakyamuni Buddha. This statue is approximately five feet high

From the worldly point of view, the teachings are a gift from previous generations to the people of the twenty-first century. Preservation brings the rich cultural heritage, traditions, and the wealth of understanding of past generations to the present like an unforgettable performance.

If we are successful, future generations will look back with gratitude recognizing how helpful and useful the teachings are. They will view what we saved as a history, a story, and an indispensable reference. And, when they reflect on what we have accomplished, they will see that we haven't come just to make a mess of the environment, they will see that we used our time well. They will appreciate our work, and through their admiration of it, they will perhaps see how, through emulating our actions, they too can have a positive and meaningful impact on future generations.

Pecha of Fifth Lelung Rinpoche's text
Photocopy of a printed manuscript of the teaching of the Fifth Lelung Rinpoche. These wide, horizontal style texts are called pecha in Tibetan. This manuscript has been translated into Mongolian which is in vertical rows along the bottom of the page

From the spiritual point of view, saving these teachings represents a great contribution from our generation to preserve the teachings of Buddha Shakyamuni for the benefit of mankind. We are extremely fortunate to have access to them now, and our efforts to preserve them will make it possible for future generations to continue to study these texts, and to receive oral transmissions and teachings.

Most important, through meditating and practicing the teachings, future students will be able to overcome their negative emotions, improve the lives of others, and help them on their path towards liberation. The work of preservation and conservation will bring significant benefits to people both now and in the future.

Karze Valley, East Tibet
Karze Valley, East Tibet
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